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'The Word of God is preached at this fellowship. I resisted coming but was too hungry to hear good, nourishing preaching to stay away' - Merilee


'This is a unique fellowship, a loving, caring family, where God’s Word is shared in grace and simplicity … full of revelation. We are all growing and changing wonderfully through His Word' - Helen 

'God has guided me to New Creation Church. Since being here I have felt free within myself and felt that I have a church family which is loving, caring and supporting; and the preaching is excellent and I always have a hunger to be at church. The more I go, the more I grow in confidence by His grace'

 - Anon

Absolutely brilliant sermon yesterday on Ephesians 4:1-4 about the

amazing mystery of God’s oneness and how we are all one as Christians. 

It was my first day back at church and I left super charged'

 - Christian

'God has placed me in this wonderful community of believers. I feel a part of it and at home here. God is doing a deeper work in my life as I stop striving and rest in God’s love - Rebecca

                                    'It is such a privilege to experience this teaching. Week after week we                                                 experience the message of Grace as it is built foundationally by truth after

                                    truth like building blocks held together by our cornerstone, Jesus. We are so

                                    blessed by this ministry" - Debra

'God has led us to New Creation Church. We feel part of a community and feel freedom in the grace of God to be who God has made us to be' - Tanya & Nick

'You gave me food for thought to keep me going for ages. There is so, so much more to it as per usual. I absolutely loved it!!!!' - Kitty

'I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your message on Sunday. I have never heard the ‘Oneness of God’ explained so well. Also, when you shared the vision you had regarding the potholes… it really spoke to me. Thank you and we really appreciate the time and the sincerity you put into the preparation. It is much enjoyed!' - Cheryl & Roy

'I felt a peace, I still feel it now. I never want to get angry or stressed, like a layer of peace over my soul. Something wonderful is happening to me' - Anon

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